Vickie Griffin Educational Scholarship Fund

Kari Kelsoe Alumni Class of 1982

Recipients of the Vickie Griffin Educational Scholarship Fund

2005 Sadie Barton

2006 Michelle Obgeide

2007 Madison Riley

2008 Rachel White

2009 Kennedy Riley

2010 Jenna Brooks

2011 Hailey Alford / Skye Beeman

2012 Maddie Castro

2013 Shea Beeman

2014 Morgan Purselley / Kayla Allen

2015 Sidra Triplett

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 L.D. Bell Volleyball Hall of Fame
1601 Brown Trail
Hurst, TX 76054

In 2005, Kari Kelsoe, Bell Volleyball Alumni Class 1982, passed away unexpectedly in a car accident. Coach Vickie Griffin realized that seeing so many of her former players at Kelsoe’s funeral couldn’t have been pure coincidence.

Kelsoe represented the essence of Coach Griffin’s coaching philosophy. Volleyball is more than an individual sport, it is about the team and bond that they share.  Kelsoe understood this and played and worked hard for her team. That’s why when it came time for her funeral, her teammates were there—even though more than 20 years had gone by since they had played together. The memory of Kelsoe’s enthusiasm and team spirit was something Coach Griffin quickly remembered while looking across at all the volleyball alumni. 

After that day, Bell Volleyball Alumni decided that the character and team spirit Kelsoe represented and Coach Griffin consistently taugh needed to be rewarded.  The Alumni created the Vickie Griffin Educational Scholarship Fund to carry on these traditions of character and success.  It was to be awarded to not necessarily the best player or the player with the most promise – but the player who learned the most and who had contributed to the team the most during her time at Bell. Kelsoe represented such a player to Coach Griffin and in her honor Bell Volleyball Alumni awards a $1,000 scholarship each spring to a deserving, college-bound senior volleyball player.

Many players apply for the scholarship, in doing so they must write a two to three page essay describing what they have learned during their time in the Bell Volleyball program. The alumni read the essays and have now proudly awarded this scholarship to the Alumni listed.

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